Israel, Russia to collaborate on nanotechnology

The Russian government set up Rusnano in 2007 in an effort to diversify the country's technology.

New Co-Investor for RUSNANO and ONEXIM Group Project

During a meeting at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Anatoly Chubais, RUSNANO CEO, and Vyacheslav Shtyrov, President of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), decided to include OJSC Republican Investment Company (RIC) as a co-investor for the project titled Solid-State Lighting: New Generation of Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient Nanotechnology-Based Lighting. This project was approved by RUSNANO Supervisory Council in late 2008. Initially, RUSNANO, ONEXIM, and Yalamov Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant (UOMP) were expected to act as co-investors.

Nanocure to deadly viruses found?

Leo Rasnetsov, a self-dubbed Russian nanowizard, claims to have used nanotechnology to find cheap solutions to HIV and flu viruses. But many scientists have already written off his potions as pure hocus-pocus.

Nanotechnology holds many promises for future innovations, from medical cures to the manufacture of consumer goods.

A businessman-turned-scientist, Rasnetsov makes suppositories and mouthwash.

RUSNANO and RENOVA Group sign investment agreement to set up a Russia's largest solar modules manufacturing facility

Anatoly Chubais, CEO of RUSNANO and Victor Vekselberg, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of RENOVA Group, signed Contract on investment and execution of participation rights (Investment Agreement) for the newly established company during St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

As was announced in May, RUSNANO Supervisory Council approved participation of the Corporation in thin film solar modules manufacturing project.

MICEX Group creates the new stock sector with RUSNANO support

MICEX Group and RUSNANO signed an agreement at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on cooperation upon creating the new stock sector within the MICEX – The Market for Innovations and Investments. The Market for Innovations and Investments is being created on the base of the Innovative and Growth Companies Sector (IGC Sector) established at MICEX Stock Exchange since 2007.

Russian Federal Internet Portal “Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials” presentation

There was a presentation given for the Russian Federal Internet Portal “Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials” that had been recently launched at The event occurred on the 4-th of June at the media-centre of well-known Russian daily newspaper Isvestiya

Rusnano brings innovation to financing

Leading the move towards creating an innovative economy became tougher for Rusnano as investment capital began drying up.

The Second International Competition of Scientific Papers in Nanotechnology for Young Researchers

The Second International Competition of Scientific Papers in Nanotechnology for Young Researchers to be held within the framework of the Second Nanotechnology International Forum RusNanoTech’2009, lead by the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies on October 6–8, 2009 in the International Exhibition Center of Moscow – “The Expocenter”.

The Second Nanotechnology International Forum

Forum program will consist of the plenary session, a complex of panel discussions and presentations of business program and science and technology sections, presentations of companies, devices and equipment.

Atom pinhole camera for nanolithography from the Institute of Spectroscopy, Russian Academy of Sciences

Scientists from the Institute of Spectroscopy, Russian Academy of Sciences have developed a method of nanofabrication using an atom pinhole camera. For the first time, the researchers, along with coauthors from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, have experimentally demonstrated how to use the camera obscura to manufacture an array of identical atomic nanostructures of controlled shapes and sizes. The technique could produce individual nanostructures down to 30 nm, a size reduction of 10,000 times compared with the original object.

Russian Angstrom Group and JSC SITRONICS might start nanochips manufacturing

There is a certain possibility that the Angstrom microelectronics plant near Moscow could launch a new production line – the chips under 90 nm technology fabrication. The Intel Corp. received a proposal to become a technological partner for Angstrom Group.


JSC SITRONICS (SITRONICS or the “Group”) (LSE: SITR), a leading provider of telecommunications, information technology and microelectronic solutions in Russia and the CIS, with a growing presence in other EEMEA emerging markets, today announced that its Annual Financial Report for 2008 which includes the audited US GAAP financial statements for the financial year ended December 31, 2008 has been filed with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and is available on the Company’s website

The abbreviated annual report of 2008 for Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO) is published

The abbreviated annual report 2008 contains the main facts of the RUSNANO activities in the past year including the financial data.

Abbreviated annual report 2008 Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies contents:

1. Report on Activities of RUSNANO during 2008
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Strategy, Goals, and Main Principles of the Corporation
1.3. Investment Projects: Priority Undertakings of the Corporation
1.4. Project Evaluation System
1.5. The Corporation’s Tools for Decision Making
1.6. Conclusion


RUSNANO and Italy’s Galileo Vacuum Systems Team Up to Produce Radio Frequency Identification Tags in Russia

The Supervisory Council of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies has approved the corporation’s participation in a project that will establish a hi-tech business for production of radio frequency identification tags (RFID tags) in Russia. These tags are the latest advance, replacing traditional bar codes in the registration of goods at retail and warehousing businesses. As part of the project, production will also be organized for metallized packaging materials and equipment to handle metal coating of rolled materials. The project will be undertaken jointly with Italian company Galileo Vacuum Systems spa.

RUSNANO and RENOVA to find a company for Russia’s largest production of solar batteries

The Supervisory Council of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, RUSNANO, has approved the corporation’s participation in a project to produce solar modules using thin-film technology.