The International Conference “Micro- and nanoelectronics – 2009” (ICMNE-2009)

The International Conference “Micro- and nanoelectronics – 2009” (ICMNE-2009) including extended Session “Quantum Informatics” (QI-2009) will be held in October 5–9, 2009 at the holiday hotel “Lipki”, Zvenigorod, Moscow region, Russia. It will continue the series of All-Russian Conferences “MNE-1999”, “MNE-2001”, «QI-2002», and International Conferences “ICMNE-2003”, «QI-2004», “ICMNE-2005”, «QI-2005». “ICMNE-2007”, «QI-2007».

Russian Innovation Week: Second St. Petersburg Innovation Forum, XII Russian Industrialist International Forum

The Second St. Petersburg Innovation Forum and the XII Russian Industrialist International Forum will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia as part of the Russian Innovation Week program arranged by the Government of St. Petersburg and co-sponsored by the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnology (Rusnano), Ministry of Education and Science, and Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Young Russian scientist gets prestigious international award

The first time ever the Outstanding Young Scientist Award at 14-th International X-ray Absorption Society (XAFS) conference in Camerino, Italy was presented to a Russian researcher. XAFS awards are being presented for outstanding contributions across all disciplinary areas of XAFS , including both experimental and theoretical studies

Investors look optimistic as Russian premier stem cell specialists prepare to go public

The Institute of Human Stem Cells is about to see one of Russia’s first biotechnology IPO’s in its attempt to boost the Russian stem cell storage market.

International Youth Innovation Forum Interra – Russia, 10-12 September 2009

The International Youth Innovation Forum Interra is an open space for creativity, debates, scientific and expert discussions, exhibitions, competitions, intensive immersion into a special environment forming innovative thinking and special entrepreneurial spirit that should allow the country “to surpass not just catch up” in all spheres of science, economics and social development.

Rusnano Will Sharply Boost Spending

Rusnano will approve 40 billion rubles ($1.25 billion) worth of investment this year, one-third more than it planned in May, a spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said earlier Wednesday that Rusnano would approve investment into 50 projects this year that will require 80 billion rubles of funding.

Rusnano spokeswoman Irina Shabanova said the state corporation would chip in 40 billion rubles of that money. Anatoly Chubais, the corporation’s chief, said in May that the plan was to invest 28 billion rubles this year.

IX Moscow international salon of innovations and investments opens today.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Science and Innovations invite you to take part in IX Moscow International SALON of Innovations and Investments (inventions, investment-attractive innovations, high-technologies).

Salon is the significant annual event of the greatest importance for successful integration of Russia innovation potential into the world scientific community. The most advanced developments of Russian science capable of influencing considerably the most important sectors of domestic economy are demonstrated at the Salon.

Rusnano found the size: negotiations with AMD for a new project on microelectronics

Rusnano is negotiating with Advanced Micro Devices about launching a new Russian-American JV for 65 nm technology microchips production. According to RBC Daily the chips will be used in the new generation smartphones.

New report: Nanotechnology in Russia, 2009-2012

J'son & Partners Management Consultancy – released a new report “Nanotechnology in Russia, 2009–2012”. J'son & Partners is known for tapping new market segments and unconventional business solutions. J'son & Partners’ main office is located in Moscow, Russia with presence in London ( and Central Asian countries (

Company claims to cover more than 30 market segment across Telecommunications, IT and Media in consultancy projects, analytical reports and data matrixes.

Oerlikon Solar accepts Rusnano/Renova Joint Venture’s production equipment order for the thin film solar PV technology

RUSNANO – two days ago and Oerlikon Solar – today announced that Nano Solar Technology Ltd. (NST), a newly formed Russian high-tech firm, has ordered a 120 MW end-to-end Micromorph® line for production of thin film solar modules. NST is a Joint Venture between Renova Group and the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (Rusnano). With the envisaged production capacity of one million solar modules annually, this is the largest equipment order in the worldwide thin film silicon photovoltaic (PV) market in 2009 to-date.

NT-MDT AFM: critical resolution in liquid environment

It’s a widely spread idea that performing AFM in liquids is a rather complicated research approach.

The National Russian Exhibition: Chicago, USA, November 18–21, 2009

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia arrange the National Russian Exhibition and Russian-American Forum in the USA dated for 200th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our states. In the context of the exposition, Russian high-tech developments, up-to-date technologies, projects and offers will be demonstrated for potential investors and business partners.

Taking into consideration growing interest in further development of trade and economic cooperation among both Russian and foreign organizations and companies as w

New step towards ultrafast computers: Nanoshine of “world’s smallest laser”

Scientists have developed a device working akin to laser, but just 44 nanometers across. The “spaser” could become an essential part of future ultrafast computers.

Russian scientist finds nanocure for smelly feet

Nano-technology or nano-tech, refers to a field of applied science whose theme is the control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. It concerns structures that are 100 nanometers or smaller and involves developing materials or devices within that size range. Inventor, Vladimir Rudenov, claims that he has developed a cure for smelly feet involving the weaving of silver nano-fibers into socks.

Will Russia Track its own Nanotechnology?

In the words of Anatoly Chubais, the state corporation's chief:

“Right now, no one in Russia even knows how much nanotechnology production there is. Last year alone, the country produced 4 billion rubles ($120 million dollars ) to 20 billion rubles ($589 million dollars) worth of nanotechnology equipment and materials. My expectations are really fuzzy. My company is planning to cut its payroll by 17% this year in an effort to reduce costs by 500 million rubles. It doesn't matter what the starting point is.