Nanotech in Russia: still a dream? The Second Nanotechnology International Forum, Moscow, October 6 – 8

Russia has got some big plans for the future of nanotechnology, the mechanics of using atom-sized particles, which is already making major leaps forward in developing everything from new medicines to airplanes.

On Tuesday, President Medvedev underlined a multi-billion ruble commitment at an international nanotech forum.

Alcoa Executive to Discuss Nanotechnology's Role in Industry at Rusnanotech '09

Alcoa announced today that Dr. Mohammad A. Zaidi, executive vice president and chief technology officer – Alcoa, will discuss the role of nanotechnology in industry at Rusnanotech ’09, second international nanotechnology forum held in Moscow on Oct. 6.

The Man Who Introduced HP to Russia: Owen Camp, Vice-President HP and CEO HP Russia, to Participate in Second Nanotechnology International Forum

Last year Owen Camp celebrated thirty years with HP. Beginning his career as an engineer in the Vienna office, thirty years later he became a vice-president of HP and CEO of HP Russia. Camp believes the secret of such an extended commitment to one company is his ability to continuously meet the company’s expectations and never stay in one place long enough to get bored.

Some of those expectations were realized by Owen Camp in Russia in 1995. Results from three years of hard work have actually exceeded all possible expectations.

The venture capital veteran Franklin "Pitch" Johnson will take part in the Second International Nanotechnology Forum

Pitch Johnson is a legend of the world venture capital business, one of the Silicon Valley founding fathers. He is 81 years old and is very active in the business . He is a recognized venture capital guru. It is people like him – the first venture capital investors – that the world owes much of the knowledge and use of computer- and bio-technology in new businesses.

Pitch began venture investing in 1962, and in 1965 he founded a management company of his own, Asset Management Company, which he still manages.

Innovative Product Exhibition at the Second International Nanotechnology Forum

The Exhibition will be held in Moscow at Expocenter, October 6–8, 2009 and is devoted to application aspects of the nanotechnology use and will allow to show already existing samples of nanomaterials, the latest developments in the field of nanotechnology, and equipment for nanoindustry.

Medvedev visits Kurchatov Institute to see newest energy-saving technologies

President Dmitry Medvedev visited Moscow’s Kurchatov Nuclear Research Institute on Wednesday to chair a joint meeting of the commission on the modernisation and technological development of the Russian economy and the Presidium of the president’s Council on Science, Technology and Education.

Russia to launch orbital lab "Oka-T" in 2015

Russia will launch an orbital laboratory in 2015, according to the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos on Tuesday.

The lab, called Oka-T, would serve the crews of the International Space Station (ISS), Anatoly Perminov told the Rossiyskaya Gazeta paper.

Oka-T would be an autonomous spacecraft that would support experiments on space technologies and material sciences in the environment of microgravity.

The lab would dock to the ISS only when transmitting laboratory results, replacing or maintaining research equipment and bringing supplies, he said.

India, Russia to add impetus to economic ties

India and Russia, two of the famous four ‹BRIC› economies, on Tuesday vowed to add muscle to their bilateral relations by forging partnership in nuclear energy, bio-technology, nano-technology and core infrastructure.

«We should convert the challenges of the global economic crisis into opportunities by taking a proactive approach,» Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma said here at the third meeting of the India-Russia Forum on trade and investment, attended by over 350 industry leaders from the two countries.

Procter and Gamble Academia initiative: first time in Russia

This initiative is a result of a collaboration programme between Moscow State University (MSU) and P&G to foster collaboration between academia research and industry on projects that have potential commercial application.

Superheavy 114 element proved experimentally

A US laboratory has been able to re-make an experiment to create element 114, ten years after it was first reported by a Russian group. It is thought to be a key part in the quest for the so-called Island of Stability.

RUSNANO to finance nano-ink production in Novosibirsk

The RUSNANO Supervisory Council has agreed to co-finance a project for the manufacture of nano-ink and hi-tech digital printing equipment. The project will produce large-format digital inkjet UV printers and UV nano-ink. Production of solvent nano-ink to complete the product line is also planned.

Microsoft Research and Bill Gates Bring Historic Physics Lectures to Web

Microsoft Research, in collaboration with Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates, today launched a Web site that makes an acclaimed lecture series by the iconic physicist Richard Feynman freely available to the general public for the first time. The lectures, which Feynman originally delivered at Cornell University in 1964, have been hugely influential for many people, including Gates. Gates privately purchased the rights to the seven lectures in the series, called “The Character of Physical Law,” to make them widely available to the public for free with the hope that they will help get kids excited about physics and science.

Rusnano to Sell $5.9Bln in Bonds by 2015

Rusnano will issue up to 180 billion rubles ($5.9 billion) worth of bonds by 2015 in a bid to make up for lost government investment, chief executive Anatoly Chubais said Friday. The state nanotechnology corporation may issue bonds for up to 53 billion rubles in 2010, 39 billion rubles in 2011 and 88 billion rubles from 2012 to 2015, Chubais said in a report on two years of Rusnano’s work.

Productronica 2009 – 18th International Trade Fair for innovative electronics production: 10-13 November 2009 New Munich Trade Center

Productronica is the world’s leading international trade fair for innovative electronics production. It is the only event of its kind that covers the complete range of current and forward-looking products, technologies and system solutions in their entire breadth and depth and along the entire value-added chain.

Rusnano may issue 180 bln rubles in bonds over 5 yrs

The Rusnano state corporation might issue up to 180 billion rubles in bonds over five years, including 53 billion rubles in 2010, the Rusnano said in materials.