The winner of NOVEMBER in ProIMAGE Contest 2010

NT-MDT Co. is glad to announce that the first stage of ProIMAGE Contest 2010 has come to the end!

In November NT-MDT Co. received 66 interesting scans from all over the world! And according to the open on-line voting the winner of November became Mr. Sergey Kitan with the AFM-image «Lady spirit».

Sergey Kitan graduated from physicotechnical faculty of Far Eastern National University in 2003 specializing in “Microelectronics and semiconductors”.

Now Sergey researches atomic processes of metal-semiconductor nanostructures based on metals, silicides and Si in Physics departure. His scientific interests are oriented to the research of electronic, optical and morphological characteristics of transition metals on Si thin-film nanophases by spectroscopy and SPM methods. The laboratory of the University equipped with NTEGRA Spectra and SOLVER P47.…contest-2010

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