Connector Optics LLC

Connector Optics LLC is a hi-tech innovative company which was established in 2009 in St.Petersburg to launch the production of optical components for ultra-high speed data transmission via optical fiber networks.

NT-MDT at the exhibition of innovative achievements of Russia in Madrid

NT-MDT Co. has participated in the exhibition «Scientific, technical and innovative achievements of Russia» and presented its fully automated SPM SOLVER NEXT.

Milestone in European-Russian cooperation in innovation: leaders of top European venture capital funds and corporations to visit Russia

Brussels and Moscow, March 22, 2011. The European Venture Capital Industry and Global Innovation Partnerships (GIP) today announce a trade delegation of 25 leading European venture capital firms and top executives of major international technology corporations to Russia. They will participate in the Second International Trade Delegation on Global Innovation Partnerships in Moscow and Kazan, April 18–22. The initiative will connect European and Russian investors and innovative businesses to discuss cooperation in the emerging high technology areas, such as cleantech, biotech, aviation and space-related technologies.

Electron Accelerator to Help Producing Nanopowder

Russian physicists developed a new technique for making nanopowders with particles of a certain diameter – a property, which lack all other technologies of nanopowder production. High-energy electron flow knocks nickel atoms out of a sample, these atoms then deposit on a substrate – that is the way nanoparticles form.

Being components of various alloys, oils and lubricants, nanopowders are known to greatly improve technical characteristics of these materials.

Is Skolkovo centre going to foster innovation?

A hi-tech country needs to make hi-tech products. The government is putting its political and financial capital behind modernizing the economy, but it also needs to find innovative goods the rest of the world might want to buy.

An ultramodern complex in the Moscow region will be home for Russia’s Silicon Valley. In 2011 the government may invest $500 million into the Skolkovo centre and within the next 7 years Russia wants to become the world leader in innovation.

Is your medication fake?

Russian physicists suggest a technique for quick and accurate comparison of any medication with is chemical etalon.

Checking whether a pharmaceutical agent has the same content as an etalon is a burning and a complicated problem. Measuring concentration of an active compound is a piece of cake, because in this case you know what you are looking for. However, estimating content of various admixtures is much more difficult, because you do not known what admixtures are in this medication.

The winner of NOVEMBER in ProIMAGE Contest 2010

NT-MDT Co. is glad to announce that the first stage of ProIMAGE Contest 2010 has come to the end!

In November NT-MDT Co. received 66 interesting scans from all over the world! And according to the open on-line voting the winner of November became Mr. Sergey Kitan with the AFM-image «Lady spirit».

Sergey Kitan graduated from physicotechnical faculty of Far Eastern National University in 2003 specializing in “Microelectronics and semiconductors”.

Now Sergey researches atomic processes of metal-semiconductor nanostructures based on metals, silicides and Si in Physics departure.