Science Development Foundation of Azerbaijan begins awarding grants in high tech

The Science Development Foundation (SDFA) under the President of Azerbaijan Republic has started awarding grants for the top priority projects. The H. M. Abdullayev Institute of Physics (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences) reports that the large pilot project of Institute’s group led by academic Chingiz Kajar, presented for a SDFA contest of scientific projects was awarded a grant of 3 million manats.

The project aims to solve one of the most actual problems of Azerbaijan economy – sustainable competitiveness and rise in production of high-tech oriented industry branches by means of permanent technology refitting.

The studies in the pilot project will be performed in the fields such as nanotechnologies, information technologies based on nanoscience, and renewable energy sources.

According to the Institute of Physics, the proposed innovative approach to the research work will provide a wide range of research opportunities for Azerbaijani scientists and open a gate-way to leadership of Azerbaijan in high technologies at least at regional level.

Information about project performance will be enlightened on a constant basis at the open-access science and education center that is under way.

Along with pilot project, four more projects of the Institute of Physics received financial support of 160,000 manats in total from the SDFA.