The Nanotechnology International Prize RUSNANOPRIZE-2010 in NanoDiagnostics

The Prize Committee of Nanotechnology International Prize RUSNANOPRIZE-2010 in NanoDiagnostics awarded the Prize to Prof. Lev Feigin (Russia) and Prof. Dmitri Svergun (Germany) for the development of small angle X-ray scattering technique for structural diagnostics of nano-particles and systems. Hecus X-ray systems GmbH. (Austria) will also receive the Prize symbol for the development and production of small angle X-ray scattering equipment.

Prof. Lev Feigin and Prof. Dmitri Svergun contributed to creation of a new sphere of x-ray application: material structure analysis in nanoscale by means of x-raysmall-angle scattering. They substantiated such possibility, which was proved by a series of pioneer experiments; they elaborated computational methods of inverse solution of scattering in x-ray small-angle scattering, and subtle structural definitions were conducted with the help of synchrotron radiation. Hecus X-ray systems company made a series of pioneer developments in small-angle x-ray scattering, that enabled to apply widely new method of x-ray small-angle scattering for nanodiagnostics of wide range of nanomaterials in many technological and research centers.

The Prize fund in 2010 makes three million rubles, which will be equally shared between Prof. Prof. Lev Feigin and Prof. Dmitri Svergun. The Prize Committee of Nanotechnology International Prize RUSNANOPRIZE-2010 is co-chaired by Anatoly Chubais, RUSNANO CEO, and Zhores Alferov, Nobel Prize Laureate and Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

About the Prize: Nanotechnology International Prize RUSNANOPRIZE has been established by Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO) in 2009. The Prize is awarded on a yearly basis in one of the following fields: NanoElectronics, NanoMaterials, NanoBiotechnology and NanoDiagnostics. It is awarded to researchers whose nanotechnology discoveries and innovations have been applied to production as well as to companies that practically implemented them. The main goal of the Prize is to inspire and recognize innovations in the field of nanotechnology and nanoindustry. In 2010 the Prize is awarded in the field of «NanoDiagnostics». The Prize fund makes 3,000,000 rubles (approximately USD 90.000).