Russian President Medvedev about high technology innovations

The business is not willing to create an innovative economy. It is only possible to solve the problem of creating and developing the innovative economy and IT industry by establishing the network of small and medium size enterprises.

This announcement was made by Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev at the meeting with the winners of the student world championship in programming according to RIA Novosti. By his words it’s impossible to solve this problem by establishing large companies: “Here we created a State Corporation for Nanotechnology (RUSNANO). This is a tool that sometimes works, but sometimes doesn’t work at al. But the major thing is – it does not create the tissue.

It looks like Russian [private] business is not willing to deal with venture projects and is not willing to risk not only in the economic crisis time, but in an ordinary situation as well. President Medvedev thinks it is because that it is much easier to trade or develop the raw materials sector.

At the same time Russia is moving forward in high tech sector and might become a center for high-tech. The Eurasian Economic Community is discussing the creation of the new High-Tech Center for the countries participating in this organization.

The Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC or EAEC) originated from a customs union between Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan on the 29 March 1996. It was named EEC on 10 October 2000 when Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Tajikistan signed the treaty. EurAsEC was formally created when the treaty was finally ratified by all five member states in May 2001. Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine have the observer status. EurAsEC is working on establishing a common energy market and exploring the more efficient use of water in central Asia.

The final decision about the establishment of this new Center shall be taken at the EurAsEC/s summit in June. Russia is going to allocate some resources including funding to make this Center going.

There are several ideas about the Center’s location, according to Medvedev. Most likely it will be developed at Russian territory, because Russia has more possibilities, with the branches in other interested countries. This Center must work in all possible directions including teaching. There is an idea to locate this Center in Saint Petersburg or Saratov.

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