Russia backs optical chips from US.

Rusnano is planning to arrange the optical chips fabrication in Russia with the sales around 300–400 mln. US dollars according to the head of Rusnano Corp. Anatoly Chubais. There is a proposal submitted by one of American companies that was discussed and approved by the Board.

A._Chubais.jpg A. Chubais

The conventional system performs a conversion of the optical signal passing through the fiber cable in electronic form and then back. The novel technologies perform only operations with the optical signal and shall drop electronic signal conversion. M-r Chubais estimates cost of that new chip in $20K. He expects that the development of the project will be done in an international cooperation with some nanotechnology companies. As he said: “We must transfer [nanotechnologies] from the West to Russia. We will cooperate in this effort with the leaders in this industry. We just started building our relations with the key countries: Israel, Finland, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, USA. Our major partner in this particular project will be United States”.

The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO) was established under the Federal Law in September 2007. The mission of RUSNANO is to advance Russia into the pool of the world’s leaders in the field of nanotechnologies. The priority of RUSNANO is commercialization of nanotechnology projects with high business potential and/or social benefit. The Corporation has 130 billion rubles (about $5 billion) under management, provided solely by the Russian Government.

Eugene Birger