RUSNANO entices largest investment banks to search for international hi-tech projects to be realized in Russia

Anatoly Chubais, RUSNANO Director General, met with the representatives of the largest investment banks, working in the sphere of innovations: ALEMAR, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Renaissance Capital, Troika Dialog, UBS. The purpose of this meeting was to attract the investment community both to search together for new potential business opportunities in the hi-tech area outside Russia and finance RUSNANO’s current projects.

The representatives of the banks reviewed the major aspects of RUSNANO activity with regard to investment opportunities and the Corporation’s approach to joint ventures that can be interested both for the applicants and potential co-investors.

RUSNANO, on the other hand, expressed willingness to work with all interested investment banks and consider all the possible variants of its participation in realization of the hi-tech projects on the territory of Russia.

We aim to become more transparent to the investment community, and we believe that experience and contacts that investment banks have will allow RUSNANO to widen the number of the hi-tech projects and thereby increase the efficiency of the activity of the corporation", says Anatoly Chubais.

The head of RUSNANO also outlined that Corporation seeks to increase the number of competent Russian and international companies assisting applicants in preparing the proposals. RUSNANO is ready to provide them with the maximum information and administrative support on non-exclusive basis.

The interaction with applicants who address us directly will not be affected by our new approach. We will keep working equally with any applicant be it a private entrepreneur or large company”, mentioned Anatoly Chubais.

He also noted that thanks to willingness of the Russian Government to share the investment risks, co-investments in the nanotechnology business on the territory of Russia could be interesting to the broad spectrum of the investors.

Realization of the hi-tech projects of the foreign companies in Russia at the end of the day will enable the creation of the environment for the development of small- and medium -size innovation businesses in Russia and creation more jobs in hi-tech sector.