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Atomic magnet curve balls

NanoWerk.com - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 11:50
A twisted array of atomic magnets were driven to move in a curved path, a needed level of control for use in future memory devices.

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Use of machine learning to design optimal nanostructures to control heat current in materials

NanoWerk.com - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 10:13
Scientists have developed a calculation method for identifying optimal nanostructures to either maximize or minimize the thermal resistance of target materials. This method reduced the amount of calculation by more than 90% compared to conventional methods.

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Nanoparticles as food additives: improving risk assessment

NanoWerk.com - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 10:07
The anticaking agent E551 silicon dioxide, or silica, has been used widely in the food industry over the past 50 years, and was long thought to be quite safe. Now, however, researchers have discovered that these nanoparticles can affect the immune system of the digestive tract.

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NanoCelluComp - Creating Value from Waste

NanoForum: European Nanotechnology Gateway - Thu, 03/07/2013 - 18:32
IoN: The FP7-funded project NanoCelluComp aims to produce bionanocomposite materials from renewable sources namely vegetable waste.
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