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Nanotechnology breakthrough enables conversion of infrared light to energy

Wed, 10/30/2019 - 18:55
Researchers have developed technology to tap into infrared light for solar energy conversion and increase solar cell efficiency by 10 percent or more.
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Tiny swimming donuts deliver the goods

Wed, 10/30/2019 - 17:53
Microscopic, 3D-printed, tori - donuts ­ - coated with nickel and platinum may bridge the gap between biological and synthetic swimmers, according to an international team of researchers.
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Detailed insights into the structure of nanocapsules used for drug delivery

Wed, 10/30/2019 - 17:45
Scientists want to understand in as much detail as possible how the container molecules and the active substances arrange and what properties result from this.
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Microrobots clean up radioactive waste (w/video)

Wed, 10/30/2019 - 15:22
Researchers have developed tiny, self-propelled robots that remove radioactive uranium from simulated wastewater.
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A stretchable stopwatch lights up human skin

Wed, 10/30/2019 - 15:14
Researchers have developed a stretchable light-emitting device that operates at low voltages and is safe for human skin.
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An electronic signal expands material by a factor of 100

Tue, 10/29/2019 - 18:50
Researchers have discovered a material that can both increase and reduce its volume when exposed to a weak electrical pulse. In a sponge, or filter, the researchers can control the size of particles that pass through.
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Nanoelectronics simulations to identify optimal heat-evacuating properties

Tue, 10/29/2019 - 17:57
Team simulates nanoelectronics through data-centric lens, gaining a 140-fold speedup on the Summit supercomputer.
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Researchers use light emitted from nanoparticles to intricately control biological processes

Tue, 10/29/2019 - 12:03
New nanoparticles can adjust the beating speed of heart cells by emitting different colours of light. Light from nanoparticle clusters was also able to activate anticancer drugs within cells.
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Materials scientists detail unexpected distortions in self-assembling polymers

Mon, 10/28/2019 - 19:47
Scientists report their characterization of a soft-matter double gyroid. What they briefly thought would be a perfect double gyroid, its curving arrangement of nodes and rods repeating ad infinitum, was not to be. They found instead their hoped-for cubic construction was full of distortions.
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Scientists synthesized light with new intrinsic chirality to tell mirror molecules apart

Mon, 10/28/2019 - 19:38
Researchers have shown how to generate and characterize an entirely new type of light, synthetic chiral light, which identifies molecules' handedness exceptionally distinctly.
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Development of mass production equipment for thin magnetic ribbon, minimizing energy-loss

Mon, 10/28/2019 - 19:28
Energy-saving benefits expected in a wide variety of devices through substituting magnetic steel sheets.
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Topological nanoelectronics

Mon, 10/28/2019 - 19:18
Physicists have succeeded for the first time in constructing an essential element a fundamentally new generation of electronic components - a Quantum Point Contact.
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How to move against the current? One answer is 'tilt'-illating

Mon, 10/28/2019 - 19:09
Going upstream, and against a current, involves a front-first downward tilt and then moving along a surface, shows new research by a team of scientists, which created nanomotors to uncover this effective means of locomotion under such conditions.
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An amazingly simple recipe for nanometer-sized corundum

Mon, 10/28/2019 - 19:00
Until now, the practical production of nanocorundum with a sufficiently high porosity has not been possible. The situation has changed radically with the presentation of a new method of nanocorundum production.
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Small magnets reveal big secrets

Mon, 10/28/2019 - 17:11
An international research team has identified a microscopic process of electron spin dynamics in nanoparticles that could impact the design of applications in medicine, quantum computation, and spintronics.
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New research finding gives valleytronics a boost

Mon, 10/28/2019 - 16:56
An international research team has revealed a new quantum process in valleytronics that can speed up the development of this fairly new technology.
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How do you know it's perfect graphene? The answer has been there all along

Mon, 10/28/2019 - 16:46
Scientists have discovered an indicator that reliably demonstrates a sample's high quality, and it was one that was hiding in plain sight for decades.
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Microscale rockets can travel through cellular landscapes

Mon, 10/28/2019 - 16:35
A new study shows how tiny robotic vessels powered by acoustic waves and an on-board bubble motor can be maneuvered through cellular landscapes using magnets.
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Micromotors push around single cells and particles

Fri, 10/25/2019 - 21:21
A new type of micromotor - powered by ultrasound and steered by magnets - can move around individual cells and microscopic particles in crowded environments without damaging them. The technology could open up new possibilities for targeted drug delivery, nanomedicine, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and other biomedical applications.
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Can solar technology kill cancer cells?

Fri, 10/25/2019 - 21:08
Scientists have revealed a new way to detect and attack cancer cells using technology traditionally reserved for solar power. The results showcases dramatic improvements in light-activated fluorescent dyes for disease diagnosis, image-guided surgery and site-specific tumor treatment.
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