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Vitamin C protects MXenes from rapid degradation

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 19:44
In work that could open a floodgate of future applications for a new class of nanomaterials known as MXenes, researchers have discovered a simple, inexpensive way to prevent the materials' rapid degradation.
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Nanoscale visualization of the distribution and optical behavior of dopant in GaN

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 17:19
Significant advances in the understanding of P-Type GaN semiconductor formation mechanisms and techniques enable mass production of GaN devices.
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New imaging method aids in water decontamination

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 11:42
Scientists have developed a method that can image nonfluorescent catalytic reactions - reactions that don?t emit light - on nanoscale particles.
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On-demand control of terahertz and infrared waves with graphene

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 11:36
A theory from 2006 predicts that it should be possible to use graphene in a magnetic field not only to absorb terahertz and infrared light on demand but also to control the direction of the circular polarisation. Researchers now have succeeded in testing this theory and achieved the predicted results.
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New searchable EU database contains 300 nanomaterials linked to hazard data

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 09:37
It is now possible to search for over 300 nanomaterials found in the EU and link them to hazard data.
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Connecting the dots for quantum networks

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 00:54
A new technique squeezes quantum dots to emit single photons with precisely the same color and with positions that can be less than a millionth of a meter apart.
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Development of 3D particle model for single particles in battery electrodes

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 20:49
Development of 3D electrochemical model to improve battery energy density and efficiency of electric vehicles.
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One-molecule-thick coating to help improve disease and drug testing

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 20:41
A new breakthrough has the potential to improve sensors used to test for diseases and detect doping in sports.
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Heat transport can be blocked more effectively with a more optimized holey nanostructure

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 20:35
By using the wave nature of heat in holey nanostructures heat conduction can be reduced by over hundredfold.
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Nanocrystals create 'brighter' future for TV viewers

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 18:41
Researchers have discovered 'greener' nanocrystals that can be manipulated to produce high-quality pictures and lighting in electronic devices such as televisions.
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Unlocking magnetic properties for future faster, low-energy spintronics

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 18:34
A research collaboration combines theory and experimental expertise, discovering new magnetic properties of two-dimensional Fe3GeTe2 (FGT) towards spintronic applications promising faster, more efficient computing.
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Optimizing the growth of coatings on nanowire catalysts

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 18:25
Scientists chemically treated the surface of wire-looking nanostructures made of zinc oxide to apply a uniform coating of titanium dioxide; these semiconducting nanowires could be used as high-activity catalysts for solar fuel production.
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On the way to nanotheranostics

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 18:16
Researchers have developed a new nanotheranostic system that overcomes several problems with previous approaches.
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Researchers discover semiconducting nanotubes that form spontaneously

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 18:10
Researchers have discovered a way of making semiconducting, photoluminescent nanotubes form spontaneously in liquid solutions. The tubes, which consist of several walls that are perfectly uniform and just a few atoms thick, display optical properties that make them perfect for use as fluorophores or photocatalysts.
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Simple 'smart' glass reveals the future of artificial vision

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 18:04
The sophisticated technology that powers face recognition in many modern smartphones someday could receive a high-tech upgrade that sounds - and looks - surprisingly low-tech.
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'Digital alchemy' to reverse-engineer new materials

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 15:48
In work that upends materials design, researchers have demonstrated with computer simulations that they can design a crystal and work backward to the particle shape that will self-assemble to create it.
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X-rays reveal monolayer phase in organic semiconductor

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 15:41
Researchers discover monolayer with exciting properties in organic semiconducting films.
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Online simulation game makes graphene research available to the public

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 15:32
Researchers use a state-of-the-art electron microscope, the UltraSTEM, to manipulate strongly bound materials with atomic precision. Since the instruments used are fully computerized, it is possible to show in a simulation how researchers actually use them. This allows for compelling and largely realistic presentations of the most recent research in materials science.
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Direct after-fabrication tailoring of MoS2-FET transistors

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 12:42
The fabrication of electronic devices from exfoliated 2D materials can be tricky. Researchers have engineered a solution that consist on the after-fabrication tailoring of MoS2-FET transistors using pulsed-focused electron beam induced etching.
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Window film could even out the indoor temperature using solar energy

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 11:07
A window film with a specially designed molecule could be capable of taking the edge off the worst midday heat and instead distributing it evenly from morning to evening.
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