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Fast-charging, long-running, bendy graphene energy storage breakthrough

Mon, 02/17/2020 - 19:30
A new bendable supercapacitor made from graphene, which charges quickly and safely stores a record-high level of energy for use over a long period.
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The origins of roughness

Mon, 02/17/2020 - 18:34
Researchers investigate the origins of surface texture.
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Light moves spins around

Mon, 02/17/2020 - 18:25
Combining experiment and theory, researchers have disentangled how laser pulses can manipulate magnetization via ultrafast transfer of electrons between different atoms.
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New nanocatalyst recycles greenhouse gases into fuel and hydrogen gas

Mon, 02/17/2020 - 13:53
Scientists have taken a major step toward a circular carbon economy by developing a long-lasting, economical catalyst that recycles greenhouse gases into ingredients that can be used in fuel, hydrogen gas, and other chemicals.
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Van der Waals magnets, a material for future semiconductors

Sun, 02/16/2020 - 18:59
Overcoming the limits of current magnetic materials, giving hope for development of next-generation semiconductors.
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Does graphene cause or prevent the corrosion of copper? New study settles the debate

Sat, 02/15/2020 - 10:08
Scientists observe an unprecedented way in which graphene forms a hybrid layer that prevents copper corrosion.
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Scientists propose new properties in hollow multishell structure

Fri, 02/14/2020 - 21:05
The Chinese puzzle ball is an ornate decorative artwork consisting of several concentric shells that move independently of each other. In the past decade, scientists provided a universal method for the fabrication of a conceptually similar micronanoscale structure, called the hollow multishell structure. New work proposes a novel concept of temporal-spatial ordering and dynamic smart behavior in these structures.
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Ultrafast switching of an optical bit

Fri, 02/14/2020 - 17:05
Researchers have realized an all-optical bit that is temporarily written into a planar semiconductor nanostructure only using light and that can also be reconfigured only using optical techniques.
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Is hematene worth pursuing?

Fri, 02/14/2020 - 16:39
Hematite as a magnetic photocatalyst can support the production of oxygen in its magnetic ground state and thereby improve the efficiency of hydrogen production. When hematite is made thinner, another important improvement in the efficiency of the reaction could be accomplished by expectedly more efficient separation of charge carriers upon the absorption of light on the surface. Scientists now elucidate exactly how optical and magnetic properties of hematite change when decreased in thickness to the atomistic scale.
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Catalyst deposition on fragile chips

Fri, 02/14/2020 - 13:21
Researchers have developed a new method of depositing catalyst particles to tiny electrodes. It is inexpensive, simple and quick to perform.
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